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 Is There Such a thing as a Perfect Relationship?

What is a Perfect Relationship?

Love is always in the air and we see it every day. On the internet all you have to do is Google the words love, relationships, sex, husband, and wife. It doesn’t matter which word you use you will see an advert about dating and finding love.

We read magazines, newspapers, watch television talk shows; speed dating it is all about love and looking for that perfect relationship or partner but the question I ask: Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship?

Are You in a Perfect Relationship?
Do we ever find that perfect relationship we are looking for? I don’t think so, well if you do well lucky you. You see more and more you hear about people trying to find that secret that makes a relationship last. The truth is we fail to realize is that there is no secret but for you to accept when you wrong, listen to your partner and work on the communication. Oh and don’t forget the excitement. Being in a relationship is hard work if we let it be.

Most relationships are broken up because someone cheated. I believe if your partner cheats it mean things are not going well in the relationship especially the lovemaking. But that doesn’t mean that it is right to cheat when thing go wrong or you not happy in the relationship.

Are You Happy In Your Relationship?

Cheating is a subject on its own. One thing I can say to you is take a look at your relationship and ask yourself whether you and your partner are happy being together all the time.

1. When last you said to your partner I love you?
2. When last you had fun together?
3. How often do you fight?
4. At the end of the day do you feel like coming home to your partner?
5. Do you trust your partner?

So if you answer no to most if not all of those questions then you need to revaluate the whole relationship.

Now you may be thinking, is that the end of the relationship? No it is not, unless you want it to be. There are several things you can do to bring back that blissfulness and excitement in your relationship.

Trust is one of the most talked about subjects. Trust is essential in having a happy relationship. But you find trouble comes when you of your partner had trust problems in the past. Even if there have been no betrayals in your current relationship. The thing you have to understand is that you have to accept your partner on his or her own merits. You have to give your partner the benefit of the doubt and not see it as he or she will cheat on you like the others did.

The Trust Thing
Firstly if you have trusting issues you need to make sure you are ready to move into another relationship. You have to trust yourself and be happy within before you move on to the next relationship.

Experts agree that time spent with each other helps dramatically with the bond of friendship. Now could you say that is the secret? Well it is up to you to find out. login
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